About OptimaX Prime

OptimaX is Australian owned and operated company delivering fire protection services to diversified property portfolio. Company market position is predominantly concerned with Annual Fire Certification Cycle and property fire services condition.

Considerable part of company experience is related to systems development, new client transition, and ongoing technical and managerial support within fire protection space to select client base.

Extensive experience with fire and associated installations provide OptimaX with solid platform for fire asset management within customer specific environment and ability to apply relevant legislation from Ordinance 70 to BCA in the format compliant with Australian Standards requirements for specific asset type maintenance.

Some of many advantages that you can expect from interactions with OptimaX :

  • Annual Certification management through ongoing inspection and testing, timely reporting and defects rectification.
  • Asset life cycle analysis
  • Expenditure analysis by system type, asset type, asset location or property portfolio.
  • Transparency of the maintenance tasks and any repairs
  • OPEX and CAPEX Budget projections based on asset category historical data, industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Subcontractor and direct employee quality control and compliance with Australian Standard requirements.
  • Acute understanding of facility servicing requirements
  • And of course complete transparency, plain and straight communication aimed at creation of alliance with all stakeholders.

Thank you for considering Optima X Prime Pty. Ltd as your future alliance partner for all your fire safety needs. We are confident that existing reputation of other market players, is no match for our open and direct approach to client management, extensive capabilities of our team, solution based approach and simple, easy to understand communication.