Minor Works and Fitouts

The phrase ‘Minor Works‘ refers to small, relatively straight-forward construction projects. But we at Optimax know that no Minor works project is straight forward and small. Thats why we excel at every stage of your fit out or property redevelopment.

We can prepare your property for a compliant fit out by engaging in  council CDC submission complete with drawings and certification.

We understand that property under fit-out is not commercially viable and therefore work with your deadlines to get it ready for a new tenant or owner occupier in the shortest timeframe.

As soon as the work on site is complete we prepare and provide a full suit of statutory documentation avoiding any unnecessary delays with occupancy.

Naturally all of the above is done in strict consideration of legislative requirements, WHS Act, existing fire systems compliance standards and agreed budget.

We are comfortable working in any environment and with any complexity of your systems form shopping centres and high rise buildings to small industrial units, stand alone offices and  residential flats.

We are always here to assist and working hard to make any MW interaction with Optimax as smooth and as seamless as it can be.