24-Hour Emergency Repairs

Optima X Prime provides 24H emergency repair and in-field services designed to minimise customers’ critical fire safety infrastructure downtime and keep facilities running safely.

Our team of experts can respond quickly to diagnose and repair all types of fire services equipment  including but not limited to Fire Alarm Systems, Emergency Evacuation Systems, Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems, Compression ignition and electric fire booster pumps, Special hazard systems.

If possible, repairs will be made in the field, but if the extent of the repairs justifies the purchase of new equipment, we can offer a diverse array of quality fire services components and main plant at the very competitive cost.

To prevent emergencies from occurring, we can provide and recommend regular inspection, testing and maintenance of equipment to AS1851 suit of standards that will ensure it is functioning correctly and within its design specifications.

For additional information about our emergency repair and field services, please contact us directly.